Dan Cotton Hand Lettering Design - Odds and Ends

hand lettered mottoBrush hand lettering for corporate motto.
Brush script hand lettering for company logo.

Dry brush hand lettering for logo.

casual elegant hand letteringCasual, elegant hand lettering for signage.
hand lettered uppercase RHand Written Script - Cap Rs
Logo Options
one off hand letteringThis hand lettering is a one-off piece on a 7' x 5' canvas.
It is essentially my layout and lettering styles with some good art direction from Denver's Cactus Marketing Communications.

The words were collected from employees at an all day, team-building event for Mental Health Center of Denver.
The canvas will be displayed at their facility and reproduced for the employees
Vintage Snake Oil Logo, the cure for ailing letterforms.
Hand drawn lettering for Denver event

Jeans Logo
Jeans Logo
hand lettered movie titleHand Lettered Movie Titles
Jeans Logo
Hand drawn lettering for proposed ski area - not used
Italic script for signage
You can tell by the Pepsi logo how old this brush lettering is.
Fun names put on doilies for a wedding
Retro style hand lettering for gourmet prepared dinner
Retro hand lettering for logo
Hand lettering for housing development signage
Brush hand lettering for logo