I started my training in lettering by learning the traditional calligraphy styles:

Roman Capitals lettering


Italic script


Gothic or Blackletter script


Uncial script

Uncial (unchel)
Carolingian script

Copperplate script

All these styles are made with a broad edged brush or pen,
broad edged brush
broad edged pen
except for Copperplate, which is made with a quill.
quill pen 1

Pointed brush script for commercial lettering
This training served as a foundation before I began learning Pointed Brush Script, which not surprisingly is made with a pointed brush.
pointed brush
Today's lettering draws from every imaginable source, from prehistoric to purely experimental. Any writing, drawing, or painting instrument can be used to make hand lettering.
quill pen 2
Quill Pen

You can even
do it all on the computer!


broad edged brush
Broad Edged Brush

broad edged pen
Broad Edged Pen

pointed brush
Pointed Brush

ruling pen
Ruling Pen
found object brush
Found Object Brush

Learning Hand Lettering, from Traditional to Contemporary