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My first font is done!
Organic Cotton is a straightforward, friendly and highly legible typeface. The lettering is based on contemporary brush/pen lettering with a little fun and lushness added. It is solid, fluid and organic without being hippie-dippy or whimsical - not that I am opposed to those things.
Organic Cotton is well suited for packaging and branding and it comes with a 69 alternates, 28 swashes, and 14 ornaments.
You can see it at

certified organic Cotton fontOrganic Cotton font sample letteringorganic Cotton font lettering sampleOrganic Cotton font not frillyorganic Cotton font food
fontlab burger
Process for creating the branson small logo.

I worked with Cultivator Advertising, Denver CO, on this project. Monte Mead was the Art Director.branson hand lettering roughs 3
branson lettering roughs 2
branson hand lettering roughs 3
branson hand lettered logo
branson lettering final rough
alph1alph5Logo Exploration for the city of Alpharetta, GA, not used.
victorious_whatsVintage lettering design for T-shirt.
us_angler_lettering_roughs Logo exploration for US Angler.
hand drawn letteringLettering exploration, not used.
vintage custom typography logo

Tentative logo design for Knucklehead - a pan & tilt camera.
Lettering and design based on 1940's vintage Americanna.
ramona brush lettering logoBrush hand lettering logo for blog site
tivoli hand lettering roughs

Hand lettering logo exploration, client anonymous.

Hand Lettering for Water Valley Advertising

Water Valley is a new housing development in Winsor, Colorado. Residents can enjoy breathtaking views
of the Rocky Mountains while sailing or fishing on a lake outside of their back door. It is all about the WATER.

The lettering has a Colorado feel with a touch of California thrown in.
It's casual, approachable, friendly, fluid, with an air of sophistication.

I worked with Miles BrandDNA, Englewood CO, on this project. Shan Thompson was the Design Director.

water valley logo
wv captivating hand lettering
wv spectacular hand lettering
wv enchanting hand lettering
awesome hand lettering
fun hand lettering
playful hand lettering
moderne vintage lettering
Vintage Lettering Project
September 2014
vintage lettering logo no2

Vintage logo no.2.

vintage lettering logo 1
Vintage logo no.1.
Logo remake following old logo as close as possible for The Fort restaurant, Morrison, Colorado thefort.com. I made this logo for Phil Dineen, proprietor of designo.com, who made the much needed website redesign.
sushi hand lettered logoSushi with Gusto logo remake.
usaj hand drawn vintage logoVintage style logo for Denver realtor.

Lettering concept for presentation. More at...

Lettering concept for presentation. More at...
hand drawn lettering

Addition to Lettering Exploration Project More at...
brush up ketteringFall 2013 • Brush Lettering Exploration
hand lettering logo
brush hand lettering
Logo for wildlife illustrator, done entirely in Photoshop.